A global movement to end Neglected Tropical Diseases

30 January 2024

Photo courtesy of: Carter Center / Louise Gubb

Unite. Act. Eliminate.

Join us on 30 January 2024, for the fourth annual #WorldNTDDay.

The theme serves as a rallying call-for-action and builds on a call to action from President Embaló of Guinea-Bissau in July 2023 in a piece published in Health Policy Watch. 

We want to end neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). To achieve this, we need sustainable financing for NTDs. Investing in NTDs is a global health and development success story. So far, 50 countries have eliminated an NTD, showing progress is possible. In 2020, 600 million fewer people required interventions against NTDs than in 2010. Yet, for some time, a lack of resources has been seen as a significant barrier to the control, elimination, and eradication of NTDs. This challenge has only been intensified by COVID-19 which has caused severe delays and disruption to NTD programmes, as well as a massive repurposing and diversion of resources.

Unite to achieve our goals

What we need to act effectively

Where we are with elimination

This year, we invite you to:

ASK: Let’s make our voices heard. Ask governments, world leaders, and those in power to act now, act together and invest in neglected tropical diseases.

ACT: Everyone has a key role to play. By bringing renewed attention to NTDs, building political will and mobilising resources, and putting individuals and communities at the centre of the response, we can collectively generate the attention and resources needed to deliver against the targets outlined in the WHO 2030 NTD road map and SDG3. This includes eradicating two diseases, eliminating one disease in 100 countries, and decreasing the number of people requiring interventions for NTDs by 90%.

Resources: Read the Partner Playbook (in English, French, Spanish) for how to get involved, and see the social media toolkit here. A full messaging guide is also available in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

100% Committed

In 2022, Uniting to Combat NTDs launched the 100% Committed movement on 27 January, just ahead of World NTD Day. 100% Committed exists to begin securing political and financial commitments behind the Kigali Declaration on NTDs. The Kigali Declaration, a high-level political declaration, provides the opportunity to mobilise the political will, community commitment, resources and action needed to end unnecessary suffering from NTDs.

Join us to show that you are #100percentCommitted to beating NTDs.

World NTD Day 2024

Monuments in Brazil are adorned with purple lighting as part of the “Purple January – All against Leprosy” campaign organized by the Brazilian Heprosy Society (SBH). The Federal Senate will remain illuminated until January 31st. In the interior of São Paulo state, the Theatro Pedro II in Ribeirão Preto, the third-largest opera theater in Brazil, and the CTI Clock (Companhia Taubaté Industrial), situated on a ten-story tower, both designated historical heritage sites, are also illuminated. Additionally, in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul state, lights grace the entrance to the São Julião Hospital, a former leper colony boasting over 80 years of history and currently serving as a prominent facility for Hansen disease treatment.

Join us on World NTD Day 2022 as we Light Up the World in an effort to combat NTDs and ensure a brighter future for all.