Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Type of activity: Digital content

Description: Everythingpublichealth believes that information is powerful and not just any information but that which is understandable and accessible to all. We plan to develop and display on our web page an original article titled BEAT NTDs: FOR GOOD OF ALL. The article will educate on the various Neglected Tropical Diseases, mode of transmission, signs and symptoms, prevention and treatment and misconceptions about some NTDs, as well as the roles of different stakeholders in NTDs prevention and treatment.

Also, in honour of the day, we will present the burden of various NTDs using various statistical tools (charts, graphs etc) such that can aid the understanding of all on various NTDs. We will highlight the trends of improvement in the prevention/ treatment of NTDs, the challenges and recommend way forward for better approach towards the prevention/ treatment. We also plan to publicize the day on our various social media handles using different infographics.

For more information: https://www.everythingpublichealth.com 

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