Location: Conakry, Guinea

Type of event: Media engagement

Description: We offer two main activities for the celebration of this day: a. Media communication day on MTN 01/29/2020 which will consist of awareness raising programs on preventive measures against NTDs through a synergy of our 30 media already partners (2 hour interactive program with an expert on MTN to broadcast simultaneously on partner radios and televisions);

b. Advocacy ceremony for the commitment of all the national players concerned in the fight against NTDs to be held on 01/30/2020 with the participation of representatives of all the organizations concerned. It will be marked by testimonies of victims of NTDs, presentations of the situation of NTDs in Guinea, presentation of the level of investment of the various actors in the fight and finally a plea for an increased collective commitment, thus contributing to the initiation of ” a dynamic of national partnership in this area. Media synergy will reach at least 5,000,000 listeners, viewers and readers of our 30 partner media who will be educated on preventive hygienic measures for NTDs. During these days we will talk about the eight (8) Neglected Tropical Diseases under the control of the National Program against NTDs in Guinea with a particular focus on lymphatic filariasis, trachoma, onchocerciasis Media synergy will be coordinated by the staff of Jeunesse Secours with as guest the National Director of Major Endemic and Diseases, the Coordinator of the National Program for NTD Control, the WHO Representative, the Executive Director of Jeunesse Relief expert on MTN issues in collaboration with the various media.

The preparation of the advocacy ceremony will be carried out by Jeunesse Secours personnel in collaboration with the national NTD control program. The ceremony itself will be attended by speakers from certain partners, in particular representatives: of victims, of the United Nations system, international and national health organizations and other speakers whose contributions could contribute to achieving the objectives of the meeting. All these oral interventions will be prepared beforehand with these partners. All these activities will be carried out in close collaboration with the national network of resource persons in favor of the fight against NTDs set up by Jeunesse Secours

For more information: http://jeunessesecours.org/

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