Results from the First World NTD Day

30 January 2020 was the first-ever World NTD Day. More than 350 organizations across the globe united behind a common set of messages and took action to #BeatNTDs: For good. For all.

90+ In-Person and Digital Activities

Throughout the week of 30 January, partner organizations held more than 90 impactful activities and events around the world to spotlight the fight against NTDs in their local community. These were organized across 35 different countries, including 23 countries endemic for NTDs. Activities included education workshops, media engagement, the creation of sharable multimedia content, advocacy marches and stakeholder roundtable discussions.

To strengthen local partnerships and support engagement in endemic countries, the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi chose 22 civil society organizations to receive a World NTD Day micro-grant. Activities generated public attention for the fight against NTDs and brought high-ranking government officials together with at-risk populations and advocates. Click here to see the map of global events.

350+ Partners

The inaugural World NTD Day surpassed all expectations: More than 350 organizations across the globe celebrated World NTD Day. From ministries of health to pharmaceutical companies; from medical schools to nonprofits, organizations across sectors and issue areas made the Day their own by spotlighting the issues that matter most to them.

216M+ Impressions

From 23 to 30 January, twitter posts in the World NTD Day conversation—including using the primary hashtags #BeatNTDs and #WorldNTDDay—reached upwards of 58.3M individual accounts, generating approximately 216M potential impressions. The World NTD Day website was visited a total of 18,258 times between 23 and 30 January.