Location: Ekiti, Nigeria

Type of event: Press conference, rally and roundtable discussion

Description: In partnership with the NTD control programme unit in Ekiti State, Nigeria, we are aiming to sensitize the entire state about NTDs, and the existing prevention, control and treatment options. The activities will also create a platform of introducing the need for research and continuous advocacy to members of the state. The activities proposed for commemorating the World NTD day are; 1. Press conference on a widely aired radio and TV station on NTDs, the causes, and existing prevention, control and treatment options on 29th, January 2020 2. A rally in the state capital to commemorate World NTD Day between 7am -10am on 30th, January 2020. 3. A roundtable discussion on NTDs in the state (between 12noon-4pm on 30th, January 2020), with a focus on research and implementation gaps in the state. Researchers and implementers will be invited to make very short presentations on their works. In addition advocates, community leaders, students will also be invited to participate in this roundtable discussion. A communiqué will be generated afterwards with resolutions from this roundtable discussion.

For more information: http://fuoye.edu.ng/en/

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