Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Type of event: Seminar and panel

Description: With over 60% of Zimbabweans affected by NTDs , we plan on hosting a half day seminar on NTDs targeted at youth groups, media personality and to bring in dignitaries from the Ministry of Youth. We will have 5 distinct sessions: 1. An introduction on NTDs and its effects globally and Zimbabwe from the Public Health Director of the Global Shapers Harare Hub 2. A presentation from a Climate Reality Leader trained by Al Gore on the link between climate change and public health (including NTDs) 3. A panel discussion on the state of NTDs in Zimbabwe and how various stakeholders can join together to win the fight by 2030. 4. A presentation from a high school or primary school representative on the WASH days and trainings that have been facilitated by The HigherLife Foundation and its effects in their community. 5. Question and Answer session.

For more information: https://www.globalshapers.org/hubs/harare-hub

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