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Daily Toolkit

In the lead up to World NTD Day, help us show the world our solidarity and collective action through posting along with our daily toolkits. Be sure to tag partner organizations and include #BeatNTDs and #EndTheNeglect to boost engagement. Don’t forget to be social and engage with other posts. The more we engage, the further this message goes: End The Neglect.

  • World NTD Day Join Us Video
  • African Snakebite Research Group + Lillian Lincoln Foundation’s Minutes to Die Documentary
  • GLRA German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Association (DAHW Deutsche Lepra- und Tuberkulosehilfe)- Maria’s story, Leprosy

  • Quote From H.E. Reem bint Ebrahim Al Hashimy, UAE
  • Equity Video & Graphic
  • American Leprosy Mission – Khusbu’s Story
  • Quote From Yacine Djibo, Speak Up Africa
  • “1 in 5” Social Media Challenge Video
  • Reaching The Last Mile Fund – Kasech’s Story, LF
  • DNDi – Maria’s Story, Chagas
  • Quote From Simon Bland, GLIDE
  • COVID-19 Video & Graphic
  • The END Fund – Dr. Daniel Boakye, NTD Community Fighting COVID-19
  • Quote From Bolivar Pou, USAID’s Act to End NTDs | West Program, FHI360
  • Global Citizen – How Pharmaceutical Companies Have Helped Tackle NTDs
  • Sightsavers – Dr. Amadou’s Story, Trachoma
  • Evidence Action – Ra Joseph’s Story, STH/Schistosomiasis 
  • Quote From Jimmy Carter, The Carter Center
  • Children Without Worms – A Teacher’s Story, STH
  • Mundo Sano – Nilda’s story, Chagas
  • Epicentre – Dr. Moustapha’s Story, Snakebite
  • Quote From Gerald Chirinda, Youth Combating NTDs
  • DNDi – Leishmaniasis
  • Sightsavers – Victor’s Story, River Blindness & LF
  • Quote From Mona Hammami, Uniting to Combat NTDs
  • Reaching The Last Mile Fund – Lelamo’s Story, LF
  • USAID Act to End NTDs | West – Let the Children Play, Schistosomiasis
  • Mission Rabies – Palin’s story, Rabies
  • Quote From Michael Sheldrick, Global Citizen
  • Celebrating Progress Video & Graphic
  • WASH – Progress Video
  • The Carter Center – Guinea Worm Eradication in Chad
  • RTI International – SAFE Elimination Strategy, Trachoma
  • Quote From Caroline Harper, Sightsavers
  • Collaboration Video & Graphic
  • IFPMA – Multi-Faceted Support
  • BIO Ventures for Global Health – Dr. Ghogomu’s story, Onchocerciasis
  • DNDi + Sanofi – Dr. Kande’s Story
  • GSK – Tijana’s Story
  • RedAID India – Vimla’s Story, LF
  • Eisai – 10 Years Tackling LF
  • Quote From Paul Stoffels & Lynn Leonard, Johnson & Johnson
  • Quote From Tijana Williams, GSK
  • WHO 2030 Roadmap Launch
  • University College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences – Mamoona’s story, Rabies
  • FIND – Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics – A Diagnosis Story, Human African Trypanosomiasis

  • Global Citizen – 3 COVID-19 Measures We Need to Keep Around to Tackle NTDs Video
  • Quote From Ellen Agler, The END Fund
  • Quote From Dr. Katey Owen, Gates Foundation
  • Getting it done Video & Graphic
  • Monument Light Up Graphic
  • GSK – 10 Billion Albendazole
  • SCI Foundation – Prisca’s Story, Schistosomiasis
  • Sightsavers – Paolo’s Story, Trachoma
  • PATH – Dr. Lambert Makendi’s Story, sleeping sickness
  • Quote From H.E. Toyin Saraki, Wellbeing Foundation Africa
  • Quote From Daren Tang, WIPO
  • Quote From Scott McPherson, ICTC
  • Quote From Dr. Abdulaziz Aden, FMoH Somalia
  • World NTD Day Video
  • Progress Video
  • Effect:Hope – Saroja & Asha’s story, Leprosy
  • DNDi – A Doctor’s Dream: A pill for Sleeping Sickness
  • The Carter Center – Fetching Water, Guinea worm
  • WASH + Long-term gains
  • Quote From H.E. Mrs. Jeannette Kagame
  • Quote From Raya, Sesame Workshop
  • Quote From Kelly Ann Naylor, WASH
  • Quote From Thoko Elphick-Pooley, Uniting to Combat NTDs
  • Quote From Mwele Malecela, WHO
  • Quote From Dr. Monique Wasunna, DNDi
  • Quote From Dr. Mohamed Fuje, FMoH Somalia
  • Monument Light-Up Time-lapse Video & Thank You
  • World Leprosy Day

Key Messages

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19 January

Affecting over 1.7 billion globally, NTDs are responsible for thousands of preventable deaths each year and cause impairments that perpetuate the cycle of poverty-keeping millions of adults out of work and children out of school. Join us 30/1, #WorldNTDDay, to #EndTheNeglect.



21 January

Global attention has been focused on #COVID_19, but the crisis has also diverted resources and attention away from other critical global health issues like NTDs, further exacerbating the health risks to already vulnerable populations. #EndTheNeglect


26 January

2020 marks the end of the World Health Organization’s first roadmap and the London Declaration; as the @WHO releases its #NTDRoadmap2030, there are many successes to highlight on the progress made to date as we launch the next phase of global coordination. Let’s #beatNTDs.


27 January

Looking forward, there is opportunity to apply the unprecedented collaboration around #COVID_19 to address NTDs. This includes cross-sector, cross-industry partnerships, building strong political will, and generating resources necessary to reach the last mile. #EndTheNeglect


29 January

The @WHO #NTDRoadmap2030 has many ambitious goals. These goals CAN be achieved by building thriving universal healthcare systems, deferring to local leadership, enhancing coordination across sectors, and moving towards integrated approaches. Let’s get the job done and #beatNTDs

"1 in 5" Social Media Challenge

1 of 5 people on the planet are affected by NTDs. The social media challenge aims to bring awareness to the scale of this issue. Take a selfie holding one hand up to your face with “NTD” written on one finger. Post it to your social media channels with the hashtags #beatNTDs and #EndTheNeglect. Make sure to challenge 5 friends to join you by tagging them in your caption. The first step to beating these diseases is raising awareness and ending the neglect. Download the explainer video to post on your channels here

Sample Caption:

1.7 billion people in the world are affected by neglected tropical diseases, primarily those living among extreme poverty. Post a 1 in 5 “NTD” selfie to raise awareness and tag 5 friends. I challenge [ 5 handles ] because it’s time to Face NTDs & #EndTheNeglect

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Download videos here. Please be sure to include #beatNTDs and #EndTheNeglect in your captions. 

Leadership Quotes

In the lead up to World NTD Day, share vision for how we can reach the end of NTDs. Collaboration across sectors is our greatest strategy in this fight. Share these various quotes from leaders across the space to help us amplify one clear message. It’s time to #EndTheNeglect

18 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

H.E. Reem Al Hashimy, UAE’s Minister of State for International Cooperation, announced #WorldNTDDay at the 2019 @rlmglobalhealth forum. That call rallied hundreds of partners across sectors to join together, calling the world to address NTDs and #EndTheNeglect.


19 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

This year we’ve seen unprecedented strains on health systems. We have also seen that health is interconnected. @yacinedjibo, Executive Director of @SpeakUpAfrica1 calls for collaboration to #EndTheNeglect and achieve greater health equity.

20 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

.@SimonjrBland, from our partners at @GLIDE_AE, invites us to imagine a day when Neglected Tropical Diseases are finally in the history books. Until then, we must re-energize and refocus the fight to #EndTheNeglect.


21 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

Bolivar Pou, Director of @USAID‘s @ActNTDsWest says that maintaining the momentum to #EndTheNeglect is especially important during these unprecedented times. We cannot take our eyes off the ball. Here are this partner’s focus areas:


22 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

President Jimmy Carter, founder of @CarterCenter reminds us of the most basic reason why we must #beatNTDs. Needless suffering continues because of these ancient diseases. On January 30th #WorldNTDDay, we ask the world to stand with us and #EndTheNeglect.


23 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

The fight to #beatNTDs leads nowhere without the involvement and leadership of youth. @geraldchirinda, Founder of @YouthCNTDs reminds us that collaboration across generations is a crucial piece to making sure we finally end these diseases. #EndTheNeglect.


24 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

When speaking about neglected tropical diseases, we must not forget they are diseases of neglected people. This is not only a fight against diseases but a fight for people’s chances of a healthy life. @mona_ham, Chair of @CombatNTDs reminds us of this.


25 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

In order to #EndTheNeglect and address NTDs that still affect 1/5 people on the planet, we need to build public awareness and global action. @micksheldrick at @GlblCtzn wants #WorldNTDDay to be a catalyst for just that. Get involved:


26 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

.@CarolineAHarper, CEO of @sightsavers, reminds us that to #beatNTDs we must keep up momentum to get the job done. Learn how our partners at Sightsavers are protecting sight and fighting for disability rights at #EndTheNeglect #WorldNTDDay


27 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

Despite #Covid_19, we must remain committed to the fight against NTDs. Though we’ve made tremendous progress, Lynn Leonard of @JNJGlobalHealth remind us that disruptions undermine that progress. Sustained collaboration is the only way to #EndTheNeglect


27 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

Partners in the fight against NTDs, Paul Stoffels MD, Vice Chair and Chief Scientific Officer at @JNJGlobalHealth, points to the enormous potential in remaining committed to the most vulnerable despite these unprecedented times. #beatNTDs


28 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

CEO of @TheENDFund, @EllenAgler, makes it clear that we must prioritize cross-sector collaboration and local commitment to meet #NTDRoadmap2030 goals. Here’s a snapshot of how this partner believes we’ll get there: #EndTheNeglect


27 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

Tijana Williams, Director of @GSK‘s albendazole donation programme reminds us that science, leadership, commitment and com(passion) are all necessary in the fight to #beatNTDs. Let’s join together and #EndTheNeglect through our collaboration.


28 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

Embracing innovation, integration and partnership in each step against NTDs is how Dr. Katey Einterz Owen from @gatesfoundation believes we can #beatNTDs. Learn more about how our partners at Gates Foundation are confronting NTDs:


29 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

Many of the same measures that prevent neglected tropical disease also protect against #COVID_19. Ahead of World NTD Day, H.E. @ToyinSaraki of @wellbeingafrica stresses the importance of access to #WASH as well as early detection of NTDs. #beatNTDs


29 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

We cannot achieve #UniversalHealthCoverage if we do not #beatNTDs. The @WHO #NTDroadmap2030 provides a blueprint to this goal.This #WorldNTDDay, let’s redouble efforts to ensure that no one is left behind. – Scott McPherson of @ICTC


30 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

Our friend Raya from @SesameWorkshop has some great advice on #WorldNTDDay. Remembering that some germs are so tiny we can’t even see them, there are certain things we can do to protect ourselves, like wearing sandals. Small actions build up to #beatNTDs!


30 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

There is so much progress to celebrate when it comes to the fight against NTDs. On this momentous #WorldNTDDay, @thokopooley – Director of @CombatNTDs –encourages us to all to stay the course, #EndTheNeglect and #beatNTDs.


30 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

The #NTDRoadmap2030 represents a renewed effort in the fight to #beatNTDs. With a strong belief that we are always stronger together, @mwelentuli calls the new roadmap a united vision, co-created by the efforts of all those fighting to #EndTheNeglect.


30 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

Kelly Ann Naylor, Associate Director of @UnicefWater’s #WASH explains that universal sanitation, safe water access, and hand hygiene are fundamental tools in the fight to #beatNTDs. #EndTheNeglect


29 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

“By fostering targeted, mutually beneficial collaborations based on the royalty-free sharing of IP, @WIPO Re:Search helps to bridge research gaps by bringing together knowledge and skills from the private, non-profit and academic sectors.” -Daren Tang, Director General #beatNTDs


29 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

Dr. Abdulaziz Aden, Head of the NTD Section for @MoH_Somalia, is part of the fight to #beatNTDs. He works to end the suffering of these diseases in his own country, Somalia, where these diseases are prevalent. Let’s come together to #EndTheNeglect.


30 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

Dr. @MoniqueWasunna of @DNDi calls for more investment in research and innovation. We cannot #beatNTDs without continuously developing new tools to advance the fight against these ancient diseases. We must step up to #EndTheNeglect


30 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

With Rwanda’s eyes set on the exciting goal of being NTD free by 2024, @FirstLadyRwanda reminds us that we must continue to strengthen health systems – despite #COVID_19 – in order to #beatNTDs.


30 January – Download for Instagram & Twitter

Dr. Mohamed Fuje, NTD Advisor of @MoH_Somalia reminds us that the most neglected populations are most affected by NTDs. The fight to #beatNTDs is not only about fighting these diseases, but also about empowering the people that are impacted by them. #EndTheNeglect


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