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If you believe everyone deserves a chance to live a healthy, productive, dignified life, keep the conversation going by shining a spotlight on neglected tropical diseases and calling for decisive action to Beat NTDs: For Good. For All.

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In the lead up to World NTD Day, suggested daily themes included:

  • 23 Jan: Neglected No More
  • 24 Jan: Leave No One Behind
  • 25 Jan: Reverse the Cycle of Poverty
  • 26 Jan: Say No to Stigma
  • 27 Jan: Innovate for the Last Mile
  • 28 Jan: One Community. One Fight.
  • 29 Jan: Bold Vision for the Future
  • 30 Jan: Beat NTDs: For Good. For All.

    Key Messages & Graphics

    We started the year strong, but we must keep momentum going. Use the messages and graphics in this toolkit to support your engagement throughout 2020. To boost engagement, personalize these posts to spotlight the diseases, communities & actions that you care about most.

    One of the biggest challenges to beating these diseases is right in their name. Progress depends on making sure leaders know what NTDs are, who they affect, and why incredible progress is possible—and worth fighting for.

    1.5 billion. That is the number of people still at risk of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), simply because they live in poor, remote or marginalized communities. This is unacceptable. We must #beatNTDs & #LeaveNoOneBehind
    Q: What are neglected tropical diseases?
    A: A group of preventable, treatable diseases that can rob people of their health, livelihood & sense of dignity. We owe it to the more than 1.5 billion people at risk around the world to #beatNTDs: For Good. For All
    Trachoma & onchocerciasis steal eyesight. Lymphatic filariasis causes enormous, painful swollen limbs. Sleeping sickness leads to neurological damage, coma & death. NTD symptoms vary, but they share a common trait: ALL are preventable or treatable. #BeatNTDs
    More than 1.5 billion people today are still at risk of neglected tropical diseases: ancient, infectious diseases that are both physically painful & socially stigmatized. The good news? With the right investments & actions, we can make NTDs history. #BeatNTDs @RLMGlobalHealth​

    The fight against neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) is a fight against health inequity at its most extreme. Let’s remove this barrier preventing poor, rural and marginalized groups from reaching their full potential.

    In 2020, no one, anywhere, should have to be blinded, disabled, disfigured or killed by diseases that we know how to beat. The fight against neglected tropical diseases is a fight for equity—and it is a fight we can win. #BeatNTDs @RLMGlobalHealth​
    Neglected tropical diseases are a symptom of health systems that are not built to work for everyone. On the road to #HealthForAll, we must #beatNTDs & #LeaveNoOneBehind.
    In some remote settings, NTD mass drug administration programs are a community’s first exposure to health services. Investing to #beatNTDs means laying the groundwork for health systems that #LeaveNoOneBehind. #HealthForAll
    Girls & women bear the brunt of the global NTD burden. They also represent the majority of health workers helping to solve it. In the next decade, we need more women leaders & decision-makers to #beatNTDs: For Good. For All. #GenderEquality
    In many parts of the world, girls & women are tasked with collecting water, washing clothes & taking care of family—all ↑ risk of NTDs. To #beatNTDs & #LeaveNoOneBehind, we must tackle social determinants of health. #GenderEquality
    Neglected tropical diseases thrive in communities without access to clean water & sanitation. Strengthening these #WASH systems to #LeaveNoOneBehind will be crucial. #BeatNTDs
    Thank you to the frontline health workers who deliver NTD care and treatment to the remote, hard-to-reach communities where these diseases thrive. You are the heroes in the fight to #beatNTDs & #LeaveNoOneBehind.
    To reach everyone, we must count everyone. That means collecting #data disaggregated by gender, ethnicity, age & more to ensure that NTD programs truly #LeaveNoOneBehind. #BeatNTDs

    A world without NTDs could unlock a wave of economic progress for individuals, communities and nations.

    NTDs are ancient, terrible diseases that don’t just thrive in extreme poverty—they fuel it. That’s why when leaders step up to #beatNTDs, they drive economic growth & prosperity for all.
    Thanks to generous drug donations from pharmaceutical companies, we can treat many of the most common NTDs for < US $0.50 per person. It’s an unbeatable investment to change lives & save livelihoods. #BeatNTDs
    A 🌎 without NTDs is a world where more children can excel in school, more adults can earn a living & more communities thrive. That’s why every $1 spent on NTDs creates $27-$42 in economic benefit. #BeatNTDs @RLMGlobalHealth​
    Investments to prevent & treat NTDs quickly pay for themselves. Children who are dewormed are more likely to stay in school, graduate & hold jobs. #BeatNTDs
    For every person affected by an NTD, there’s often a loving caregiver—usually a girl or woman—who is prevented from keeping a job, getting an education or bringing their family out of poverty. #BeatNTDs

    Society’s treatment of people affected by NTDs is often as harmful as the diseases themselves. But norms can be changed.

    Health is a human right. Everyone, everywhere, should be able to get the health care they need, w/ dignity & without discrimination. #BeatNTDs
    What sets NTDs apart is how they disfigure, disable & blind people. In many parts of the world, this means facing stigma, discrimination & social exclusion, which take a severe toll on #mentalhealth. #BeatNTDs
    Throughout history, the stigma around leprosy, lymphatic filariasis, and other NTDs has prevented millions from seeking treatment & severely compromised their quality of life. To #beatNTDs, we must beat stigma. #WorldLeprosyDay
    Feelings of low self-esteem, guilt and isolation increase the burden of disease on NTD patients and their families. To #beatNTDs, we must prioritize patients’ mental health & rights every step of the way.
    Dear leaders: It’s time to stand up for people living with leprosy & other NTDs, and condemn all forms of stigma & discrimination they face. On the road to #beatNTDs, we are in this together. #WorldLeprosyDay #WorldNTDDay

    To #beatNTDs, we need to invest in new and better tools to improve treatment, interrupt disease transmission, and channel limited resources where they are needed most.

    Since neglected tropical diseases receive barely a fraction of global health investment, many NTD tools & solutions have not evolved in decades. To truly #beatNTDs, this must change—and fast.
    To #beatNTDs, we need better diagnostics across the board to tell us where to channel limited resources & when countries have definitively reached their elimination goals. #WorldNTDDay
    Until recently, sleeping sickness treatments were painful, intensive & often unsafe. Now, a groundbreaking 10-day oral treatment called fexinidazole will help reach more people, speed up elimination & save more lives. #BeatNTDs
    Triple-drug therapy—a breakthrough treatment for lymphatic filariasis (LF)—is an example of R&D at its best. By combining three existing, widely-used LF drugs together, it can kill the adult parasite for good. #beatNTDs
    R&D changes lives. An advanced new treatment for onchocerciasis, moxidectin, presents an opportunity to accelerate progress and prevent millions of people from suffering permanent blindness. #BeatNTDs
    Guinea worm disease is on the verge of eradication, w/just 28 human cases in 2018, down from 3.5 M in the 1980s. But in the last mile, everything gets harder. We need new tools fit for the endgame to ensure this parasite joins smallpox in our history books. #BeatNTDs #WorldNTDDay
    To #beatNTDs, we must do two things at once: strengthen health systems to reach everyone with solutions we have & increase investments to find the solutions we don’t. #WorldNTDDay
    Investing in R&D is essential to accelerating progress against NTDs. Let’s keep innovating so future generations know a world free of NTDs. #BeatNTDs @RLMGlobalHealth​

    Because of unprecedented partnerships across government, the private sector, philanthropy and civil society, the movement to end NTDs has become one of the largest & most successful public health initiatives in history.

    The unprecedented gains we have made against NTDs show what is possible when a diverse group of partners rally around a common goal. Together, we can #beatNTDs.
    The partnership to #beatNTDs has become one of the largest & most successful public health initiatives in history. We need all stakeholders to renew their commitments in 2020 to sustain momentum & #beatNTDs: For Good. For All. #WorldNTDDay
    Thanks to expanded country programs, smarter approaches & donations from pharmaceutical companies, NTD treatments are reaching more people than ever before. Working together, we can #beatNTDs! @RLMGlobalHealth​
    Endemic country leadership is the heart of any effort to #beatNTDs. Since 2012, 31 countries have eliminated at least one NTD—and with the right actions & investments, this is just the beginning. #WorldNTDDay
    Pharmaceutical companies’ deep commitment to beating NTDs has catalyzed innovative R&D partnerships, stronger supply chains in endemic countries, and billions of medicines donated to the people who need them most. In 2 words: thank you. #BeatNTDs
    Civil society is indispensable in the fight to #beatNTDs, from supporting communities, to advocating for resources, to holding leaders accountable. Wherever decisions are made, we need civil society at the table.
    The world’s tremendous progress on NTDs would not have been possible without the steadfast commitment of countless donor countries. Together, we can build a healthier, stronger, more prosperous world for all. #BeatNTDs
    In 2018, >50+ head of states passed a resolution committing @OIFfrancophonie member states to #beatNTDs in the Francophone world. Thank you for taking a big step forward and committing to end these diseases for good. #SDG3

    2020 is a decisive year. Success in the next decade—for NTDs, health and beyond—will depend on bold vision & bolder action, starting now.

    2020 is a decisive year for NTDs. It will determine the new goals & commitments that will drive progress until 2030, and whether we and our leaders are fully committed #beatNTDs.
    By ridding the world of NTDs, we will be one step closer to eradicating poverty & achieving our #GlobalGoals. #BeatNTDs @RLMGlobalHealth​
    At the 2019 @RLMGlobalHealth Forum, @DrTedros noted that the last mile of disease elimination is the hardest & most important. When we eliminate diseases like NTDs, we are all better off. #BeatNTDs
    If leaders succeed in eliminating neglected tropical diseases, it will be a major victory not just for the more than 1.5 billion at risk today, but for all of humanity. We’re closer than ever—but we’re not there yet. #BeatNTDs #WorldNTDDay @RLMGlobalHealth​
    Unsafe water, poor sanitation and inadequate hygiene all increase the risk of NTD transmission. By improving access to water & sanitation services, we can sustainably #beatNTDs & advance #HealthForAll.
    Girls & women everywhere should have ownership of their health, rights & dignity. To keep girls in school, support women’s economic & political participation, and improve wellbeing, NTDs must be part of the conversation. #BeatNTDs #GenderEquality
    To reduce suffering caused by NTDs, leaders need to research & grapple with the impact of #ClimateChange on public health infrastructure, migration trends, and the habitats of NTD parasites & vectors. #BeatNTDs
    No child should have to compete with parasites for nutrients. NTDs like intestinal worms stand in the way of children reaching their full potential. The fight to #beatNTDs is a fight for child #nutrition, growth & development.
    Investments to #beatNTDs bring many positive ripple effects to communities. From expanding access to #WASH to improving vector control, we can reduce the impact of malaria and other diseases too.
    Universal health coverage means ensuring all people can get the health services they need w/out financial hardship. The 1.6 billion people still at risk of NTDs have been left furthest behind. It’s time their rights, voices & needs were put first. #BeatNTDs #HealthForAll
    Q: What do #education, #WASH, #GenderEquality, #ClimateAction, #nutrition & #HealthForAll have in common? A: All share links with the fight to #beatNTDs. Join us!
    Note: These are general posts; but partners are encouraged to tweet diseases-specific elimination and eradication goals relevant to their specific interest area.

    It’s time to tell leaders why a future without NTDs is right, smart and possible. On World NTD Day, let’s make our call to action heard around the world.

    On the first #WorldNTDDay, let us be clear: no one in the world should have to suffer from a neglected tropical disease in 2020. It’s time to finally #beatNTDs so that everyone has the chance to live a healthy, productive, dignified life.
    2020 is a decisive year in the fight to #beatNTDs, and it starts now. On #WorldNTDDay, we’re standing with 300+ organizations to call for greater attention, action & investment to #beatNTDs: For Good. For All. @RLMGlobalHealth
    At the end of the day, neglected tropical diseases are diseases of neglected people. We know what needs to be done. Now we need the political & financial investment to finish the job. #BeatNTDs @RLMGlobalHealth
    8 yrs ago today, the historic London Declaration catalyzed an incredible surge of action & investment on neglected tropical diseases. Progress is possible, but there is a long way to go. Let’s make 2020 the year that puts us on track to #beatNTDs: For Good. For All. #WorldNTDDay

    Help turn World NTD Day into an annual, sustainable milestone by calling for official recognition of the Day.

    Every year since 2012, the NTD community has united on 30 January to celebrate the anniversary of the London Declaration on NTDs. #EB146: By officially recognizing #WorldNTDDay, you can help increase our impact and momentum for years to come. 
    Awareness is the best antidote for neglected tropical diseases. #EB146: Help us turn #WorldNTDDay into a permanent annual spotlight on why it is right, smart & possible to #BeatNTDs: For good. For All.
    Why make 30 January an official World NTD Day? Because we need an annual, sustainable milestone to mobilize greater attention, action & investment to #BeatNTDs, particularly in the countries and communities most directly affected. #EB146
    2020 is a decisive year in the fight to #BeatNTDs, from the launch of the critical @WHO Roadmap to the Kigali Summit on #malaria and #NTDs. Member States: help us start the year strong by officially declaring 30 Jan as #WorldNTDDay. #EB146
    NTDs were one of the few health & development issues that didn’t have an awareness day—until 300+ partners rallied today. #EB146: Let’s make 30 January an official milestone to renew our commitments to #BeatNTDs: For Good. For All.
    By definition, neglected tropical diseases need more attention & awareness. For the 1.5 billion people at risk, officially establishing #WorldNTDDay on 30 Jan ensures an annual milestone to hold ourselves accountable to #BeatNTDs. #EB146
    Today, a community of 300+ partners has rallied to mark the first #WorldNTDDay – but the day isn’t official yet. #EB146: Let’s make 30 January an annual milestone to renew our commitments to #BeatNTDs: For Good. For All.

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