Jeunesse Secours

We offer two main activities for the celebration of this day: a. Media communication day on MTN 01/29/2020 which will consist of awareness raising programs on preventive measures against NTDs through a synergy of our 30 media already partners (2 hour interactive program with an expert on MTN to broadcast simultaneously on partner radios and televisions);


GrowthAid will collaborate with other organizations to celebrate the day. An encounter with the media is planned for the day where we will highlight the importance of the day and emphasize the need for integrated planning for water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH) and NTDs. We also plan to distribute information materials on selected NTDs relevant to Ghana. By the end of the day, we hope that there will be greater awareness of the need for more investments to help speed up the elimination of NTDs.

Fondation Raoul Follereau

Fondation Raoul Follereau plans to send a press release to the French press on the week of January 27th. We will also issue a press release on NTDs on Thursday 16 January at the press conference for the World Leprosy Day. That will take place at l’Académie française in Paris. We will also communicate about this day on social networks this month!