Jeunesse Secours

We offer two main activities for the celebration of this day: a. Media communication day on MTN 01/29/2020 which will consist of awareness raising programs on preventive measures against NTDs through a synergy of our 30 media already partners (2 hour interactive program with an expert on MTN to broadcast simultaneously on partner radios and televisions);


Everythingpublichealth believes that information is powerful and not just any information but that which is understandable and accessible to all. We plan to develop and display on our web page an original article titled BEAT NTDs: FOR GOOD OF ALL. The article will educate on the various Neglected Tropical Diseases, mode of transmission, signs and symptoms, prevention and treatment and misconceptions about some NTDs, as well as the roles of different stakeholders in NTDs prevention and treatment.

Global Shapers Harare Hub

With over 60% of Zimbabweans affected by NTDs , we plan on hosting a half day seminar on NTDs targeted at youth groups, media personality and to bring in dignitaries from the Ministry of Youth. We will have 5 distinct sessions: 1. An introduction on NTDs and its effects globally and Zimbabwe from the Public Health Director of the Global Shapers Harare Hub 2. A presentation from a Climate Reality Leader trained by Al Gore on the link between climate change and public health (including NTDs) 3. A panel discussion on the state of NTDs in Zimbabwe and how various stakeholders can join together to win the fight by 2030.

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) is holding an NTD seminar which will be live streamed on the LSTM website launching the restructure of the Centre for Neglected Tropical Diseases (CNTD) with a focus on a number of our activities demonstrating research and impact. Internally, LSTM is holding an NTD Day with posters and demonstrations focused on our activities with a sideline of NTD themed cakes and sweets.


In honor of the DRC’s Third Annual National Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) Day and First Annual World NTD Day on January 30, the DRC Cabinet of the Ministry, national HAT elimination program, and partners are hosting national and provincial-level political celebrations to recognize progress made to date toward HAT elimination, raise awareness of the disease, and catalyze the necessary actions to achieve sustained elimination.