Philippine Leprosy Mission

We will raise public awareness on the importance of Skin Health in order to enhance control of leprosy and other Skin NTDs (ex. yaws, mycetoma, head lice, scabies, filariasis) in the Philippines. Infomercials (3 – 4 minutes@) in English and Filipino will be produced and repeatedly shown to the public in social media, in different venues and dates to share key messages (basic facts, treatment, prevention, stop stigma).

Jeunesse Secours

We offer two main activities for the celebration of this day: a. Media communication day on MTN 01/29/2020 which will consist of awareness raising programs on preventive measures against NTDs through a synergy of our 30 media already partners (2 hour interactive program with an expert on MTN to broadcast simultaneously on partner radios and televisions);

Gram Swarajya Samiti Ghoshi

We are planning the following activities to impact the further spread of NTDs : 1. Community training programme focusing on the eve of world NTD day for prevention of NTD. The intended participants will be community leaders from different slums of Patna. The objective is to sensitize the community influencer and creation of pressure group on concerned government department.

Burkinabé Association for Community Action

On World NTD Day, our advocacy work will focus on a caravan to combat trachoma and lymphatic filariasis as a public health problem in Burkina. This caravan will travel through the city of Ouagadougou with posters containing images of trachomatous trichiasis that leads to blindness, posters containing images of scrotal elephantiasis, and athlete’s feet of lymphatic filariasis.

Gate Foundation Ghana

Panels members are the chiefs, Imams, people affected by leprosy and their family members, representatives of various 16 regions in Ghana and the media. We shall tackle the area where most people are abandoned because of leprosy and other NTDs.